Open Class

In open class, you will learn different things each week. Each class has their own focus of training, from exotic choreography, lyrical / contemporary choreography, trick & techniques focused, to strength and flexibility training for pole. We recommend you to take open classes alongside level class. Choose what you love best – or attend all of them to maximize your progress! Drop ins are allowed.

Find '*Rookie' sign on the schedule for open classes for all levels for only IDR 250,000 for drop in / IDR 1,000,000 for 5 classes, can be combined to other class with the same category in all of Nyx's branches!

Tricks & Combo

Learn pole tricks and combine them into a beautiful spinning combo on the pole, and dance it out with your favourite song at the end of the class, all while training your endurance, strength and flexibility!

We have 3 different levels of Trick & Combo Class:

Basic : Suitable for first timers and beginners. No previous pole experience needed.
Beginner : Comfortable with pole climb and sit.
Intermediate : Comfortable with side little fairy, sit and aerial leg hooks.
Higher-Intermediate : Comfortable with inversions both aerial and from the floor.


In this class you will be challenged to a more challenging tricks and shapes on the pole. Learn at least 2 new tricks in this class focuses on learning new tricks each week, suitable for you who likes to challenge yourself and wants to excel faster, while always learning something different!

Pre-Requisites: Suitable for everyone!


Exo Choreo

Get into a sexy, sultry, exotic and sometimes sassy side of pole dance in this class. Learn not only exotic choreography on the static pole and on the floor, but the techniques, tricks and transitions for exotic pole dance style!

We have different levels of this class

All Levels : Suitable for everyone.
Basic : Suitable for first timers and beginners, no heels / boots needed.
Beginners : Suitable for baby exo polers.
Intermediate to Advanced : Familiar with body waves, fan kicks, kips and drops

Exo Pole Play

Dance to a playful and fun, yet sexy choreography in this class! Learn a different style of exotic pole dance.

Pre-Requisite: Everyone can join!

Exo Flow

Dance to a sexy and sultry music with exotic moves on and off the spinning pole in this class. Other than learning exotic choreography on the floor, you will also learn some tricks on the pole.

We have 2 different levels of this class:

All Levels : Everyone can join!
Intermediate : Comfortable with pole climbs, leg hooks and sit on the pole.



This class is all about strength training & conditioning, getting your body ready for a safe & progressing pole journey using the pole as a tool. You will also be learning the techniques of climb / inverts in this class. This class gives you an added bonus: lean, fit, and toned body!

Pre-Requisite: Everyone can join!

Flexibility & Mobility

Upgrade your flexibility in this class, safely and efficiently. Flexibility is one of the key element to pole dance. Achieve great shapes and those flexi-tricks you’ve been aiming for! This class will also train your strength!

Pre-Requisite: Everyone can join!


Training Ground

Training Ground is a complimentary training time for you Nyx Goddesses. If you have an ongoing package at Nyx, you can use our studio for training for free. There will be no instructor present, so train safely!


Train alone or with your pole sisters at the big studio. There will be no instructor present, so make sure to train safely. There might be other pole sisters present.

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