Level Class

Level Class is a term class that goes once a week, and class is progressive every week. Here, you will be learning in-depth and detailed techniques in a syllabus that has been designed carefully by Nyx to ensure you will progress safely on your pole dancing journey.

Every tricks and techniques in this class have its own purpose for progressing during your journey, so level class is very important for you pole dancers to take!


Beginner (60mins)

You will learn basic beginner pole techniques; how to beautifully climb, making smooth and controlled spinning combo in detailed. Building your strength and preparing your muscles for the upcoming level.

Pre-Requisite: Everyone can join.

Intermediate (60mins)

You will learn the fundamentals of inversions a.k.a hanging upside down on the pole; how to properly hook upside down with only your legs on the pole. In this level your body will be conditioned properly to safely execute the tricks and transitions.

Pre-Requisite: Has been able to comfortably climb and sit on the pole / has passed Beginner level at Nyx.

Higher Intermediate (60-75mins)

In this level you will take it up further! Expect a more challenging tricks and techniques that will train your balance, body coordination, mobility and definitely your strength.

Pre-Requisite: Comfortable being upside down / has passed Intermediate level at Nyx.

Pre-Advanced (90mins)

In this level your mobility, flexibility, strength, balance, muscle endurance, body coordination and executions will be challenged to the next level.

Pre-Requisite: Comfortable with aerial inversions and ayesha.


ExoTech (60mins)

This is the perfect class for you exotic pole dance lovers! You will learn in-depth techniques of exotic pole dance moves, from the basic and progressing further each class. Learn the technique for smooth and purrfect leg and body waves, controlled back rolls, all while learning different exotic pole dancing style choreography with your favourite music!

We currently have up to 6 levels of ExoTech Class. Class is progressive, no drop ins allowed.

Exotic Choreo Term Class (60mins)

You will learn the choreography of a 2 to 3 minutes exotic music in a period of one month, once every week. Make sure you don’t miss the choreography of your favourite music to dance to!

This class is progressive, drop ins are not allowed.

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