Frequently Asked Questions

We understand Pole Fitness is new to you.  Here’s a few questions we frequently receive.

Pole dancing at Nyx is an experience tailored for everyone, whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned enthusiast. Our beginner-friendly classes are designed to gently introduce newcomers to the art of pole dance, ensuring it's not too hard for those just starting out. While the journey may be challenging, our skilled instructors provide guidance every step of the way, making sure you progress at your own pace. We offer a variety of classes to suit different interests and levels, ensuring there's a class for everyone to enjoy and grow in their pole dancing journey.

For classes labeled 'Exotic' you must be at least 18 years old.  Other than that, pole dance is a sport for everyone of any age!

All of Nyx instructors are highly trained and certified to teach you in the most professional, safest manner possible. No one will be asked to do any moves or tricks they are not physically or mentally prepared to handle. Techniques taught in our classes are to strengthen and prepare your body over time to advance to higher skill level classes.  We also have a 10cm-thick safety matress that you will HAVE to use for some more advanced techniques.

All of Nyx instructors are certified.  We realize that being able to do something isn't the same as being able to teach that same thing, and we emphasize that pole dancing is a sport with a relatively higher injury rate.  And just like other sports (maybe even more), this is exactly why we only let those who are certified to teach at our studio, and we are proudly strict about this.

Certified instructors are the backbone of our pole dancing studio, and their certification is vital for your safety and learning experience. Certification ensures that our instructors have undergone rigorous training and are well-versed in the most up-to-date techniques and safety protocols. They are equipped to teach proper form, spotting techniques, and injury prevention, ensuring that you can confidently explore pole dancing in a secure environment. With certified instructors, you can trust that you're receiving the highest quality instruction, tailored to your needs, to help you achieve your pole dancing goals safely and effectively

At Nyx, we have Pole Intro (check out our schedule for this!).  Priced at IDR 250,000 or IDR 200,000 / person if you come with your friend, Pole Intro is a class designed for first timers and for you to try whether pole dancing is for you.

However, we highly recommend taking our Beginner Level class.

Nyx beginner pole dancing class offers an introduction to the fundamentals of pole dancing for fitness and fun. Students will learn basic spins, climbs, grips, and transitions around the pole. This class focuses on building strength, flexibility, and coordination while improving confidence and body awareness.  On our level classes, you will learn a tailored syllabus to prepare your body for more advanced moves to come!

Beginner class runs 1x every week, for 4 weeks (half term) or 8 weeks (full term).

If you're not ready to commit, we now have Rookie classes, designed for first timers and beginners. Rookie classes are more diverse, and you will learn different material in each class.  Suitable for those of you who need more flexible time.  Find for the sign *Rookie in our schedule!

Proper Clothing

DO NOT wear legging & long-sleeve shirts.  Wear your comfiest short-sleeved or tank top and short pants.  You're gonna need skin contact to pole!

Small Towel

Pole dancing is fun yet can be challenging for first timers on pole!  You might be sweating and it will make it difficult for you to stick to the pole so bring a towel to dry your skin!

Eat Before Your Class

Pole dance is a workout, and you will need a good amount of energy to follow the class well, so make sure to eat well between 30 minutes to 2 hours before your class.


Lotions and body butter is amazing to hydrate your skin but they will be a disaster to pole dance with!  They will leave your skin (and the pole!) slippery, making it hard and even impossible for you to stick to the pole.  So avoid using them at least 24 hours before your class.  Suggestion: Use aloe vera instead!

Be On Time

Come to the studio 10 to 5 minutes before your class, so you come fully prepared and not miss any information and more importantly, you don't skip the necessary warm-up on your class!

Leave Your Jewellery at Home

Jewellery such as bracelets, rings or even watches might break if you use it during a pole dancing class.  So make sure to leave them at home.

Bring A Water Bottle

You will need to keep yourself hydrated!  We provide drinking water at the studio but please bring your own water bottle.