What To Wear (and not) To Your Pole Dance Class
What To Wear (and not) To Your Pole Dance Class

We've been seeing new faces lately in our studios, so this article might be a good rewrite for all the newcomers and beginners!

Here are some essential things to wear and not to wear to your pole dance class!

- Tank top / sport bra: You're going to need a lot of skin contact, on your upper and middle body.  Avoid lose-fitting clothing.
- Shorts: The shorter the better!  You're also going to need skin contact on your inner thighs, so avoid those knee-length legging or even worse - anke-length legging!

Don't Wear
- Jewelry: Avoid wearing any jewelry, especially rings and bracelets, because these can get stuck on the pole, cause scratches on the pole, limit your movement and even damage your jewelry.
- Any kinds of body lotion / butter / oil: DO NOT USE any kind of body lotion / butter / oil because this will actually make you slippery on the pole - at least 24 hours before your class.  You can replace it by using aloe vera, or take a clean shower before class.

Good luck on your journey! ;)



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