Rent a Portable Pole Dance Stage with Nyx!
Rent a Portable Pole Dance Stage with Nyx!

Do you know that Nyx provides portable pole dance stage rental services?

Perfect for a wide range of events, from parties and weddings to corporate gatherings and festivals, Nyx's portable pole dance stages are easily transportable and can be set up in minutes. Their sleek and sturdy design ensures both safety and stability, allowing performers to showcase their skills with confidence.

With the rising popularity of pole dancing as a form of art and fitness, Nyx recognized the need for accessible and adaptable stages that could accommodate this growing demand. At Nyx, you can also choose the type of pole you want to use:

  • Silicone pole (black) - perfect for events that require performance in more modest and closed clothing.
  • Stainless steel pole - perfect for various events.

Feel free to consult with us for more info regarding this matter!

Whether it's an intimate soirée or a large-scale event, Nyx's portable stages provide the perfect platform for performers to captivate their audience.

We also offers comprehensive rental packages that include delivery, setup, and breakdown services, making the entire process hassle-free for clients. With Nyx's portable pole dance stages, event planners can elevate their occasions without the logistical headaches.So whether you're planning a glamorous gala or a lively celebration, Nyx's portable pole dance stages promise to add a touch of excitement and sophistication to any event.

Step into the spotlight and let Nyx turn your vision into reality!

For more info, contact us at 0897.9788.038.

Our poles during an event in Jakarta.

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