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In  consideration  of  my  being  allowed  to  participate  in  the  classes  of  Dewi Tari Perkasa, PT., herein referred to as "Nyx Dance  Studio"  and  to  use  its  equipment,  I  agree  to  the  following  waiver  and release:

1.)  I,  for  myself,  my  heirs,  executors  or  anyone  else  who  may  claim  on  my  behalf, hereby  waive,  release  and  forever  discharge,  Nyx  Dance  Studio  and  its  employees, representatives,  and  agents  from  any  and  all  responsibilities  or  liability  from personal  injury,  death,  damage  to  property  or  loss  of  any  kind  resulting  from participation  in  any  programs  or  my  use  of  equipment  in  the  above-mentioned activities.
2.)  I  do  also  hereby  release  Nyx  Dance  Studio  and  its  officers,  agents,  employees, and  representative  from  any  responsibility  or  liability  for  any  injury  or  damage  to myself,  including  those  caused  by  negligence.
3.)  I  understand  that  strength,  flexibility  and  aerobic  exercise,  including  the  use  of equipment  offered  by  Nyx  Dance  Studio  is  a  potentially  hazardous  activity  with certain  risks  and  benefits,  some  of  which  include  but  are  in  no  way  limited  to:  soft tissue  injuries  such  as  wounds,  bruises,  muscle  strain,  muscle  soreness,  sprains, acute  strains,  broken  bones,  head  injuries,  back/neck  injuries,  knee/foot  injuries, heart  attacks,  death,  improved  cardiovascular  fitness  and  flexibility,  increased strength  and  muscle  tone.
4.)  I  also  understand  that  while  some  of  the  risks  and  hazards  involved  in  using  the equipment  of  Nyx  Dance  Studio  are  foreseeable,  others  are  not.  I  understand  that fitness  activities  involve  a  risk  of  injury  and  even  death,  and  I  am  voluntarily participating  in  these  activities  and  using  equipment  with  knowledge  of  the  dangers involved.  I  hereby  agree  to  expressly  assume  and  accept  any  and  all  risks  of  injury or  death.
5.)  I  acknowledge  that  I  have  either  had  a  physical  examination  and  been  given  my physician’s  permission  to  participate,  or  that  I  have  decided  to  participate  in activities  and  use  equipment  without  the  approval  of  my  physician  and  do  hereby assume  all  responsibility  for  my  participation  and  activities  and  utilization  of equipment  and  machinery  in  my  activities.
6.)  I  understand  that  the  owners/employees/instructors  of  Nyx  Dance  Studio  are  not medical  personnel,  may  make  no  medical  judgments,  give  no  medical  advice  and provide  no  medical  care  or  therapy.
7.)  I  understand  that  all  of  the  choreography,  instructional  techniques,  as  well  as  the class  structure  contained  within  these  classes  have  been  created  expressly  for  ‘Nyx Dance  Studio’  by  its  owner/creator,  and  fall  under  copyright/trademark  laws  as intellectual  property,  and  may  not  be  resold  or  bartered  for  material  gain  or  material profit  of  any  kind  without  express  written  permission  and  fair  compensation  to  ‘Nyx Dance  Studio’
8.)  I  agree  that  once  I  gave  my  consent  to  the  Nyx  Dance  Studio,  its  employees,  or agents  to  take  photographs,  videotape,  or  digital  recordings  of  me,  they  are permitted  to  use  these  in  any  and  all  media,  now  or  hereafter  known,  and exclusively  for  the  purpose  of  promoting  the  Nyx  Dance  Studio’s  services.
9.)  I  agree  to  abide  by  all  studio  policies  and  procedures  of  Nyx  Dance  Studio  I  have read,  understand,  and  have  had  the  opportunity  to  ask  questions  regarding  this legal  document  and  I  hereby  unconditionally  release  Nyx  Dance  Studio,  its  officers, agents,  representatives,  employees  and  instructors  from  any  and  all  liability resulting  from  any  injuries  which  may  result  from  classes,  instruction,  parties,  events and/or  equipment.
10.) I acknowledge that any information or training I receive at Nyx Dance Studio, is property of Nyx Dance Studio and should not be taught at other studios, seminars, workshops, parks, venues, online, at home, etc unless Nyx Dance Studio has given permission to do so. All materials and classes at Nyx Dance Studio are intellectual property of Nyx Dance Studio and cannot be taught elsewhere without the express permission of Nyx Dance Studio. In the event of a dispute concerning this agreement of intellectual property, I agree to pay for any and all costs incurred by Nyx Dance Studio in prosecuting or defending the dispute, including but not limited to Nyx Dance Studio’s reasonable attorney fees. I have read the above agreement and fully understand its contents.

In  addition,  I  understand  and  acknowledge  that:
•  Payment  is  required  in  advance  for  all  classes  and  packages.
•  Payments  for  all  of  the  above  are  non-refundable and non-transferable except for a cancelled class where the student(s) paid for drop in.
•  All  cancellations/reschedules  must  be  conducted  no later  than  12  hours  prior  to  the class  start  with  an  exception  of  medical  emergency,  where  a  doctor’s  note  must  be presented.

* Doctor's note must be presented no later than 3 hours before the scheduled time, otherwise class cannot be cancelled / rescheduled.
* Due to the ease of counterfeiting a doctor's note in Indonesia, we will only accept a handwritten doctor's note from a registered clinic or hospital.

•  Package validity cannot be extended except in the case where a doctor's note is presented stating the maximum amount of time an individual has to rest / recover, where the package validity will be extended according to the stated time. Please read the statements above regarding medical emergency.
•  I  understand  that  taking  classes  in  Nyx  Dance  Studio  in  this  time  of  pandemic  has its  risk.  There  is  no  guarantee  whatsoever  of  me  being  safe  from  the  risk  of  the corona  virus,  and  if  I  am  /  my  friends  /  my  family  to  contract  to  the  virus,  it  is  my  own responsibility  and  I  shall  not  shed  any  kinds  of  responsibility  to  Nyx  Dance  Studio.

By  signing this  release,  I  agree  with  all the  terms  and  conditions  above,  without  exceptions.

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